Staying Positive Through Spiritual Guidance

Staying Positive Through Spiritual Guidance

  • Tips For Getting Professional Sound Healing Therapy

    When you are looking into the different kinds of therapy that can help your life, you will find that there are more than you have probably ever heard of. Sound therapy is a type of healing that so many people are starting to take advantage of. If you've never gotten the opportunity to receive this form of therapy, the tips in this article will teach you what it is, explain the benefits, and guide you toward the next steps toward taking advantage of it.

  • Reasons Why Spiritual Healers Should Utilize Directories For Their Therapy Practice

    If you work as a spiritual healer, your job is to heal clients through channeling positive energy. When starting off this type of practice, you might want to consider using a spiritual healing directory. You'll see a couple of things when you do.  Get Exposed to More Potential Clients There are a lot of people that first use the internet when they look for a spiritual healer to help with them an energy or mood-related problem they're currently dealing with.

  • Can You Have A Successful (And Safe) Youth Conference In Spite Of COVID-19?

    If you are a pastor or youth director of a church, you may find yourself in a tough position as of late. You want your congregation and church family to be able to gather, interact, and worship together. At the same time, though, you do not want to violate any laws in place or potentially put people at risk of catching the deadly COVID-19 virus. So, the question here is can you have a successful (and safe) youth conference in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Staying Positive Through Spiritual Guidance

These days, it can be hard for me to watch the news. It can be depressing to hear about so many earthquakes, terrible mass shootings, and awful illnesses. Fortunately, I have gained a lot of strength by working with my local church to participate in church service. Together, we have made hygiene packets for refugees and helped with other large service projects. This participation has helped me in my personal life, and it has strengthened my resolve to be a better person. This website is all about becoming better and staying positive through spirituality, service to others, and focusing on doing good.